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Black Enterprise Article: YOGAPRENEUR: Leslie Salmon Jones Fuses Yoga and African Dance

Leslie Salmon Jones is equal parts passion and Zen. That dichotomy is present not only in her personality but in her yoga business, Afro-Flow Yoga – a fusion of enthusiastic live drums African dance and calming yoga. Salmon Jones has been in the yoga game since her days training as a dancer at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, where she experienced the connection between the two forms of movement.

Originally from Toronto, the Boston-based yogi travels across the globe teaching one-on-one as well as group classes. Her training in wellness coaching, public speaking and personal training have enhanced her brand, making her a perfect fit for’s Yogapreneur feature.

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NPR The Artery article: “Afro Flow Yoga Dances into Diversity”

It might seem that combining yoga, often satirized as exercise for the elite, and dances of the African diaspora, which generally have more community-centric roots, are an unlikely mix. Yet Leslie Salmon Jones, an Ailey-School-trained dancer, has artfully mixed the two in Afro Flow Yoga, a unique yoga-meets-dance class set to live African percussion and music at The Dance Complex in Cambridge.

Salmon Jones, now a vibrant and beautiful health and wellness coach (among many other interrelated social and artistic fortes), notes that participants have probed whether the class is a “black or a white thing.” Still, she maintains that the two practices, when bridged together at their roots can unite harmoniously, create artistic appeal and act as vehicles for individual and social change.

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Exhale Magazine article: “Exercises to Awaken Your Core” (2010)



An article in Exhale magazine fall of 2010 on Exercises to Awaken Your Core.

Pilates is not just for ballet dancers and celebrities – everyone can benefit from a set of exercises that centers on the core postural muscles. Whether you are using the mats or the reformer these exercises help the body maintain proper balance, form and build power within. Carolyn Stuart, Certified Pilates Instructor, and Leslie Salmon Jones, Wellness Coach, both show examples of exercises that help build a strong core.

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