Core Wellness Classes

Core Strength: Back to Basics Class (Beginner to Intermediate)

This class gives you the tools to build a strong foundation in core strength and total body conditioning. Moving from the floor to the barre using various dance movements (Alvin Ailey inspired) and yoga stretches, you will learn to link breath to mindful movement, proper posture, and improve your overall strength and flexibility to the sound of energizing drums.  It is perfect for those brand new to working out or for dancers and non-dancers looking to fine-tune their physical form and mental discipline.  This workout is also available on DVD!


Core Power:  “Radiate the Energy Within” Class (Intermediate to Advanced)

This class empowers you to push past any plateau in your fitness routine, while teaching you how to tap into your own, internal energy sources and sense of balance.  This high intensity workout is suitable for any student familiar with the basics of core and strength conditioning and and/or have taken Leslie’s Core Strength classes.  This class will take it to the next level to help you explore your potential energy, work from the inside out and radiate the energy within!  Lengthen and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.  This workout is also available on DVD!