Core Wellness Program

Living From Your Core

Leslie guides you on a transformational journey to experience an inner oasis among the hustle and bustle of city living! She shares her personal journey of wellness and provides you with host of tools to help you tap into your divine potential and energy flow.

Leslie will teach you how to…
  • Build a strong foundation by engaging and aligning with your physical core based on techniques featured in her DVDs Core Strength: back to basics and Core Power: radiate the energy within.
  • Deepen your inner connection by learning how to awaken your core on all dimensions of self by assessing and becoming mindful of the behaviors that are no longer serving you.
  • Gain a new sense of mindfulness regarding your current health and re-align with your core to create the vision that truly resonates with you.
  • Ignite your passions and formulate a clear plan of actions to manifest your true potential!

This 12-week long program offers a powerful opportunity to reconnect to your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental “core”, the powerhouse of your physical being! Each participant will have access to weekly conference calls, wellness coaching with Leslie and two DVDS.  Local group fitness sessions will be offered at a discounted rate for participants.

When: TBD
Location: Virtual Healing Center: A place for sharing reflections, lessons, teachings, tools & resources along the way.  All sessions will be available via video and phone conferencing.
Registration: Email to register.


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